Elettro is an Italian company specialized in technical services on RECTIFIER, UPS, BATTERIES, and other power conversion equipment installed especially inside industrial environments and power generation plants.

In power conversion field Elettro has inherited an important experience dating to 1935; today it is a dynamic company that supplies a wide range of professional services and industrial products in the field of power conversion and continuity.


With thousand activities all over the world, Elettro provides a wide range of technical services.

About services, Elettro’s professional approach is to reach the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and safety for all your AC and DC uninterruptible power equipment. All this providing, step by step, the necessary experience and technical knowledge to customer’s electrical maintenance teams, if present, then suggesting all services and devices indispensable for the professional management of the systems.

In addition to services, Elettro supplies a wide range of products.

About power conversion products our approach looks to the future.
Both for industrial and standard equipment Elettro offers only selected products, but, this is an important point, Elettro doesn’t take into consideration all products whose manufacturers exact that all maintenance activities have to be managed only by them. Demanding this exclusive access on all services is an old approach, which is maintained in use also thanks to an unfair use of microprocessors, that lock down the equipment to other operators.  In this way the customers are compelled to sustain expensive rates for the simplest service activities or for recurring battery and spares replacements.

But it is not only an economic matter. Inside an industrial plant the internal maintenance staffs have not to face unnecessary obstacles. In fact, understanding critical and pre-critical situations, acting rapidly, just in time, being confident with the equipment and its parts, mean, they all, safety for people and for systems.

Looking to the future means installing products on which customers’ maintenance teams can operate, doing preventive maintenance, battery, capacitors and fans substitution, battery and equipment monitoring and basic reparations. For this reason Elettro suggests a wide list of Training Courses, most of them provided at the same customers facilities on the occasion of Elettro maintenance activities, UPS and Rectifier start-up or battery commissioning.

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