Elettro provides worldwide services and equipment in the power conversion and continuity field.

Our activities concern UPS, Rectifiers and Batteries, since 1935.

Elettro provides:

  • UPS and Rectifiers preventive maintenance according to severe procedures.
  • Predictive maintenance (infrared controls).
  • Systems design optimizations, introducing technical changes and additional devices, able to increase reliabilityefficiency and safety.
  • UPS and Rectifiers refurbishing.
  • Consulting: Elettro provides the right solutions for your UPS and Rectifiers.
  • Training courses, giving to plant maintenance teams all the practical and theoretical knowledge daily used by the most specialized service companies.
  • Commissioning according to the manufacturer’s technical procedures, expressly issued for industrial environment.
  • Spare parts.
  • VRLA, flooded and Ni-Cd Batteries, special battery cabinets, accessories for battery rooms.
  • A full set of devices for battery tests: battery monitoring systems, “SMART” a new special device for battery test (patent pending), ripple surveyors, ripple reducers, automatic battery dischargers.
  • A full set of items for your maintenance teams: professional tools, test instruments, personal protective items, DC feeders on wheels, replacing the installed ones in emergency conditions or during their maintenance, in continuity (no risk of loads cutting-off).
  • Moreover Elettro provides a wide range of industrial UPS and Rectifiers with the pertinent Batteries.
  • Finally Elettro produces feeders for cathodic protection too.

In few words Elettro’s professional approach is to reach the highest levels of reliability, efficiency and safety for all your AC and DC uninterruptible power equipment.

All this providing, step by step, the necessary experience and technical knowledge to the customers’ electrical maintenance teams, if present.

A first preventive maintenance, a commissioning or a basic training course are all opportunities which consent to point-out, case by case, all the services and devices indispensable for the professional management of your equipment.