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DMU offers a great advantage: during the discharge battery test it allows the power supply to loads in case of mains power outage. In fact, thanks to DMU, the battery subjected to verification remains available to the load, supplying it instantly (zero time) by means of a dedicated device.

Now, to run a battery discharge, it won’t be anymore necessary to wait for favourable plant conditions or resorts to a temporary extra battery, thus obtaining flexibility of action in total safety, in addition to a major saving of resources.

Thanks to a special connector, the unit discharge DMU allows the user to overcome the traditional system, where load banks are connected directly to the battery with clamps or lugs.

The line, which is reserved to the connection, is activated only during the test and is fitted with magnetic protection. The discharge of the battery will be activated by the operator in a simple and intuitive way. The tests will no longer require any direct contact of the battery or access to their cabinets, thus eliminating the possibility of errors, such as wrong polarity and wrong switch operations.

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