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A wide products range

The Elettro products range includes: industrial and standard UPS, rectifiers, inverters, frequency converters, stabilizers, mains static transfer switches and feeders for cathodic protection.

Elettro provides customized UPS and rectifiers, suitable to different plant conditions and designed according to customers’ technical specifications.

The customization requires considerable experience, in order to support the customer during all the supply cycle, starting from the understanding of customer needs, the examination of the proposed solutions, the production cycle control, the delivery, the commissioning with training and the after sales services

It is essential that all the issues concerning quality, safety, compatibility and reliability  are taken into consideration at all stages.

Elettro supplies also batteries, innovative battery control systems, devices and tools for professional maintenance and safety items. All these products are present in the SERVICES section.

About products our approach look to the future.

Both for industrial and standard equipment, Elettro offers only selected products, but, this is an important point, Elettro doesn’t offer any product where manufacturers exact that all maintenance activities have to be managed only by them. To pretend this exclusive access on all services is an old approach, which is maintained in use also thanks to an unfair use of microprocessors, which lock down the equipment to other operators.  In this way the customers are compelled to sustain expensive rates for the simplest service activities or for recurring battery and spares replacements. But it is not only an economic matter. Inside an industrial plant the internal maintenance staffs don’t to face unnecessary obstacles. Understanding critical and pre-critical situations, acting rapidly, just in time, being confident with the equipment and his parts, all this means safety for people and for systems.

So, looking to the future means installing products where the customers’ maintenance staff can do the basic preventive maintenance, the batteries, the capacitors, and fans substitution, the monitoring of batteries. For this reason Elettro suggests a wide list of Training Courses, most of them provided at the same customers’ facilities, during Elettro services activities, beside the equipment, during UPS and rectifiers start-up or batteries commissioning.