Elettro has inherited an important experience dating to 1935. In 1935 Eng. Ettore Kerbaker came back to Italy after a long experience in Westinghouse U.S.A. and built up in Milan the S.A.R.M. company (Società Anonima Raddrizzatori Metallici), where the first Italian production of selenium rectifier started.

After the war and the reconstruction of our country, during the years of the Italian economic boom, Eng. Kerbaker retired, leaving the company to two young co-worker technicians: Mr. Emilio Pizzola and Mr. Antonio Saiani. The company became RAMET (Raddrizzatori Metallici Saiani e Pizzola), starting also the production of AC equipment and feeders for cathodic protection. In the first middle of ‘70s RAMET started the UPS production. The first customer, with more than two hundred UPS installed, was the Italian motorways’ company (Società Autostrade SpA). In 1983 RAMET produced the first in the whole Europe UPS with transistor technology. During the ‘90s Elettro Services & Equipment took over the RAMET brands, its technical documentation and all the products know-how, giving continuity to this long experience, above all in the service field.

elettro - Old factory

The factory – 1961

Elettro - Westinghouse

1928 – Westingouse Copper-oxide rectifier cells

elettro old production

’40s and ’50s – Hundreds of equipment produced

Elettro - Old Depliant

1956 – S.A.R.M. rectifiers depliant

The evolution of UPS Ramet technology during the last 40 years

Elettro - SCR UPS Inverter rack

Late ’70s. Tyristor UPS – Power module

Elettro - SCR UPS, old electronic card rack

Late ’70s. Tyristor UPS – Control logic rack

Elettro - Old Inverter rack

1983. Transistor UPS – Power module 15kVA

Elettro 120kva UPS

Late ’90s. IGBT UPS 120kVA

All this experience and know-how on UPS and Rectifiers is now at your disposal. Elettro is the right consultant when you have to insert in your plant  a DC or AC power continuity equipment and then to buy, to install and service it.