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DC power for industry


The Elettro industrial rectifiers ensure the DC power continuity in the most demanding industrial environment, where it is necessary to provide the maximum reliability.

The Rectifiers’ main typologies are :

  • Single branch rectifiers : one rectifier unit with one battery.
  • Double branch rectifiers : a system composed by two rectifier units (Service branch and Battery branch) with one battery.
  • Rectifiers in parallel : two rectifiers, each one with its battery.
A single system, three different configurations. See the data sheet of our product.

Single branch rectifier: is the basic, inexpensive and reliable product, both for single phase and three-phase mains. Like to the other rectifier typologies, also the single branch rectifiers can be customized complying the specific characteristics of each plant.

Double branch rectifier: this system avoids load stops caused by unexpected malfunctions. This rectifier is composed by two AC/DC conversion units which operate independently when the mains is present (normal operation). The BB (Battery Branch) rectifier charges the batteries, independently from the loads which are supplied only by the SB (Services Branch) rectifier.
In case of power black-out, the battery will provide immediately power to the loads.

In case of SB rectifier failure (on SB line), the BB rectifier will automatically supply both the load and the battery, maintaining the emergency voltage limit settable at ±10%.

On the contrary, in case of BB rectifier failure, the SB rectifier will automatically supply both the battery and the load, maintaining the emergency voltage limit settable at ±10%.

Rectifiers in parallel: this is another solution that always assures the loads’ feeding in case of a rectifier failure. A second rectifier is in function for this purpose. This solution requests two batteries, each one dedicated to a single rectifier.  


In the Elettro “PLATINUM” version our technology works with the most advanced communication solutions. In PLATINUM version all alarms, measures and status information are reported on a color HMI panel. TCP/IP interface and MODBUS protocol for connection with WEB server and other centralized control systems are provided. On demand Elettro supplies a WEB-Server software, for an easy control of  PLATINUM rectifiers on your net or via the most common browsers.



The Elettro rectifiers are the right products to grant the DC power continuity inside industrial plants. Each rectifier is built following the customer’s requests and customer’s technical specifications. It is designed to work with any kind of battery.

If required Elettro can co-operate with you to define the best technical solution, including the choice of the right battery, indicating the commissioning operations for each installation and being willing for eventual training.

Elettro is at your disposal to provide you with detailed offers, attaching the one-wire diagrams, the list of measures, states and alarms, advanced HMI features, the electrical and mechanical data of the proposed equipment and a wide range of options.