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ELETTRO has developed its activities working on solutions for energy conversion and power continuity inside industrial plants, solving critical situations. The standard UPS VEGA represents this experience applied to a wider market, offering a product only partially simplified, compared to the ESE-UPS product, preserving all the technical characteristics which guarantee efficiency, reliability and safety.

VEGA UPS for industrial applicatiom

The VEGA UPS power range is since 10kVA up to 20kVA for three-phase input and single-phase output, and up to 60kVA for three-phase in input and output.  VEGA works with standard Battery voltage: 360Vdc (180 cells).

Vega UPS panel dysplay

Elettro is at your disposal to provide you with detailed technical documentations about VEGA UPS. By now we list some peculiar characteristics, which make this UPS a real industrial one:

  • Output inverter transformer. It provides a security insulation, improving the downstream selectivity of protections at the same time
  • Separated rectifier and inverter units, easily detectable and replaceable. All parts are accessible from the front door
  • High short circuit current protection
  • Low and stable ripple on battery and temperature compensation for the longest battery life
  • Settable thresholds of alarms
  • Digital microprocessor controller for the highest reliability, but maintaining free access to the maintenance operations
  • Full opto-isolation on all PCB logics and interfaces
  • Controlled ventilation only on commutation assembly. This choice improves the UPS performances over time, mostly inside dusty, humid/saline air locations
  • All VEGA UPS have a static switch, not a low cost electro-mechanical contactor, as used by other manufactures
  • Soft-start consents an easier electrical supply in presence of generators and MT/BT transformers
  • Battery recharge control compatible with all battery typologies, including Ni-Cd batteries
  • Protection degree and special paint are available according to customers’ request