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The SMART Battery Test (SBT) arises, like other innovations, from an interaction between on field experience and technical competence.

SMART Battery Test introduces a real innovation in the field of battery controls. It offers new solutions to technical and safety problems in which the feeding of the loads depends on batteries. In fact:
SBT makes it easier and faster to run the batteries controls.
SBT improves the output data accuracy, for a better interpretation and use of the tests.

All this:
in complete safety of the maintenance staff, overcoming any risk present today during the execution of these of this kind of tests; enough to say that with Smart battery test it would no longer need to wear the well-known set of PPE.
ensuring during the test, the absolute load safety. In fact, during the discharge tests, in the event of a mains failure, SBT will guarantee the power supply of loads. You will no longer need to run the battery tests only during the plant stops. You can do it in any plant condition when opportune or necessary.

The Smart battery test is a device composed by two separate modules:
Discharge Management Unit – DMU
Battery Monitoring System – BMS

The first manages the discharge of the batteries and protects the loads during the test, the second one handles the monitoring of a battery string checking the parameters of each battery block.

The Discharge Management Module DMU is installed close to each battery. While the Battery Monitoring System BMS can be used in fixed version, inside the DMU box, dedicated to the continuous monitoring of a single battery string, or in the portable version which allows to use a single monitoring system to run the SMART test on multiple batteries, just connecting it to all DMU (already set up for portable BMS).